Discover Your Body, Mind, and Spirit: A 21-Day Cleanse

This program is designed to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle, whether you are looking to lose a few pounds, increase energy levels, have clearer skin, decrease cravings, experience deeper sleep, improve digestion, decrease congestion, or discover food allergies. Your goal score keeper:

  • 4 45 minute one-on-one personalized coaching sessions covering topics like:
  • Tips on how to re-set, why your are re-setting, and specific action steps to take to make sure you have desired results
  • Step-by-step guidebook on instructions showing you how and why you need to reset.
  • Customized and simplified meal plans based on balanced nutrition and macro nutrients
  • Non food activities meant to promote re-setting and detoxing which are effortless and fun
You will receive the following materials and guides:
  • Full color program overview re-set digital booklet
  • Meal planning worksheets: grocery lists, journal page, checklists
  • Custom meal plans tailored to you and your body type
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can share stories, access info, watch helpful videos and meet other clients going through the 21 day Cleanse
  • Over 20 recipes, tips and more
Section Closing Statement: Unless you refocus your priorities and devote the time to eating right, you won't see the changes you desire, plain and simple! Let Coach Faby help you form a strategic game plan to help you take control of your health and fitness goals. Your coach will keep you in line to avoid it is falling into that un-healthy trap! It’s time to get into “ready to change” mode!

Total Transformation

In this 90 day program, I will walk you through finding out your big mo-fa (motivation factor) by:

  • Setting up conditions for inevitable success
  • Finding out which foods are right for your unique mind-body, what gives you energy and what takes away your energy
  • Turning these healthy habits into behaviors that last so they become your new normal
  • By the end of the 90 days you will have different rituals, habits and feel totally transformed in your body and mind without the stress of dieting
My 90 day program includes:
  • 1 on 1 private coaching on a weekly basis
  • Mid-week check in’s
  • Complimentary Personal Journal
  • A custom made food guide that is right for ONLY YOU!
  • Learn what to eat, how to eat and when to eat for your body type.
  • Discover what is slowing you down from getting results that you deserve
  • Overcome limiting beliefs that hold us back from our true desires and needs- Reclaim your own power!
  • Get recipes and food suggestions that works with your body NOT against it!
  • Learn how your digestive system REALLY works and how it affects every aspect of your health.
  • Meditation exercises to help clear your mind and clutter of life
  • Full review of your health history and suggestions to incorporate with your current doctor’s recommendations.
  • Get what you really want out of life now!
  • Steps to start living the healthy life you dream of!
If what your doing isn’t working, then its time for the total 90 day transformation!

8-Week Mind Detox

You will discover how yours thoughts can transform your health and life style. It all starts with one of the key pillars of coaching: awareness. The reason for this is that awareness is curative. Once you become aware of something , we have the choice to change it.


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