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• Health Coach Institute:

   Certified Health Coach. 

• Health Coach Institute:

   Certified Life Coach.  

• Enrolled in Health Coach Institutes

   mastery program with a focus on

   transformational coaching methods.

• Emotional Intelligence Certified.

• Six  Seconds - USA.

Pleasure meeting you! My name is Fabiana Sampaio, Brazilian born in São Paulo City, and a resident of these United States for the past 10 years.  I’m married and am a proud mama of 2 boys,  Gustavo and Andrew.

I’m a Certified Health and Life Coach from Health Coach Institute  (CCE accredited from International Coaching Federation – ICF).

My passion is to see women live empowered, guiding them to create the life they are meant for and desire. I love helping them believe in themselves, seeing them break free from whatever holds them back, encouraging them  to make big shifts in any area they feel stuck in or unhappy with (weight, health, business, relationships, marriage, self-love, self-confidence, emotional eating, fear, self-doubt, etc).

I've been where you are. I felt stuck. I hated my body. I was unhappy with what I saw in the mirror, and on the scale. I felt trapped in my life, terrified to step out and step up in my business. I was stuck in a draining corporate job, sick of working for someone else and building their dreams instead of my own. I felt unloved, undeserving, and depressed. I knew I was missing out on my best life. And I knew I was made for more!


It was a long search, but I found my purpose and now I want to help other women step boldly into theirs as well!


My message to you all is: Life is short and amazing!

As a Health and Life Coach, I strive to make BIG shifts in your life by guiding you through small habit changes. Small changes equal lasting habits that will change your life for the better.

If you are sick and tired of not getting the results you want, let’s talk!

I welcome all people from all walks of life and I look forward to getting to the heart of the “Amazing Life” you deserve and desire.

The first and most important person

you must believe in is yourself.

- Toni Sorenson


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